Leg Warmer with Support

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Goodbye to Cold Legs & Achy Knees!

Leg Warmers with Built-in Warmth and Support for those with:
- Swollen feet, ankles, knees and legs
- Poor circulation
- Leg fatigue
- Cold-sensitive legs
- Aching and sore joints in legs and knees

  •     Amazing therapeutic warmth for your entire legs!
  •     Promotes circulation and reduces swelling in legs, knees and ankles!
  •     Welcome warmth and relief from tired, swollen legs, knees and ankles!
  •     For both men and women of all ages!
  •     Covers almost the whole leg for total warmth and comfort!
  •     Gradual compression promotes good circulation and fights swelling!
  •     Perfect to wear under trousers, skirts, etc!
  •     Lightweight and breathable material that helps regulate temperature!   
  •     Warms without making you sweat!
  •     Warmth and support promotes good circulation!
  •     Perfect to wear under trousers, skirts, etc!
  •     Provides excellent support for almost the entire leg!
  •     Perfect for traveling, walking and working!
  •     Elastic and flexible material that adjusts to different leg shapes!

Finally – here is your chance to get the new Leg Warmers with built-in support – designed to give tired legs the warmth, support and relief they need! They cover almost the entire leg – to maximize the benefits and make it easier to stand, walk or sit. The warmth and support help promote circulation and reduce swelling. Unique material is warming, but still breathable, so you never feel too warm.  Ideal for when you are traveling, at work or just have to sit or stand for longer periods of time. Wear under your normal clothes.  Won't bunch up under clothes.  Wear them with or without normal socks. Wear under or over nylons. Footless design to make them easy to get on and off. Gives you total freedom of movement.  Material 75% nylon, 25% spandex. Imported. Machine-washable. Available in Men’s and Ladies’ sizes (the only difference is the size, so if you’re a larger woman, order men’s size).

Not a medical device.  This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Always consult a doctor if you have health problems.  Results will vary.

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