Aid Boost Seat Chair Riser

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AID Boost Chair Cushion

  • Gently raises you out of your chair for easier standing
  • Innovative air-cylinder technology
  • Ideal for post-surgical recovery, the elderly and those with arthritis
  • Portable yet heavy-duty
  • Gives you a handy boost to help you stand up

If you or a loved one is finding it more difficult to stand up than they used to, the EZ Boost chair cushion could help you or them to regain confidence and make life just that little bit easier.

With air-cylinder technology to raise you gently out of your chair, the EZ boost cushion is sturdy enough to be used every day, yet portable for if you need a boost on the go.

If you would like a motorised armchair yet find they are too expensive, the EZ boost cushion could be an inexpensive alternative to help you to maintain independence and help you at home.

Ideal for post-surgery, those with weak muscles, the elderly, the disabled and those with arthritis and other conditions.

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